Advanced Derivatives Certificate | May 7-9 NYC | Jun 18-20 Chicago


Advanced Derivatives Certificate

May 7-9, NYC
June 18-20 , Chicago

The Advanced Derivatives Certificate Program is designed to deepen participants’ knowledge regarding the methodologies used in valuing derivative instruments and how professionals use the resulting insights in strategy design and contract selection. This intermediate to advanced level program will provide attendees with broad exposure to pricing models and arbitrage price relationships for the most widely used categories of derivative contracts. The presentations will then show how the readings on relative value obtained via those analyses are used by traders, hedge fund/portfolio managers, corporate risk managers and others to more optimally pursue their objectives of maximizing return or minimizing risk.

In order to earn the Advanced Derivatives Certificate, students must complete the following three classes. For those not wishing to earn the Certificate, each class may be booked separately. Click on each class title to see the full outline for that class.

For more information, visit or email [email protected].


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