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Collateral Management Bootcamp | August 12-13

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Margin and collateral provide the essential foundation for global capital markets to function – the lubricant for counterparty risk management, trading, clearing and settlements, liquidity and leverage generation, and funding – driven by post-financial crisis regulatory reforms.  The two-day course is presented by an industrywide recognized subject matter expert in collateral management and is built to include the instructor’s real-world experience in global collateral.

This two-day course is designed for individuals working in collateral management or in the process of beginning their careers in margin and collateral, front-office credit and counterparty risk professionals, product control specialists, auditors of the margin and collateral management function, prudential regulators and examiners, CSD and CCP collateral specialists, custodians and clearing firms, and the asset management community.  The course will explain the steps you need to take to meet the requirements of the 2021 and 2022 Initial Margin requirements under the Uncleared Margin Rules.  TBA margin management is also addressed, as well as repo, reverse repo and securities lending transactions.


  1. The Evolution of Collateral
  2. Collateral Uses
  3. Collateral and Managing Counterparty Credit Exposure and Firm Liquidity
  4. Collateral Documentation and Agreements
  5. Global Regulatory Financial Reforms and Collateral
  6. ISDA SIMM, Central Counterparty Exposure, CCP & Clearinghouse Margin Models


  1. The Margin Call Process and Process Automation
  2. Managing and Resolving Margin Call Disputes
  3. Negotiating Margin and Collateral Documentation across Products
  4. Collateral Optimization
  5. Collateral Trading and Transformation
  6. Bringing It All Together – Case Studies on Implementing an Enterprise Target Model for Collateral Management
  7. Trends and Issues In Global Collateral Management
  8. Review and Summary of Day 1 and Day 2

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