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Front-to-Back: Designing and Changing Trade Processing Infrastructure

by Martin Walker

In this book, banking and finance expert Martin Walker opens section one with the fundamentals; explaining how capital markets firms make money, what their support functions do and how the infrastructure has to support their needs. Building on this, in section two, Walker describes the problems that have built up over many years and the huge challenges of profitability and complying with regulations since the Great Financial Crisis. Section three of the book highlights the set of strategies investment banks have followed such as simplification, functionalisation and front-to-back re-engineering. Walker critically examines each of these and explains why so many major transformation projects have ended in disaster and large-scale waste. The final section provides the most comprehensive and fad-free explanation of all the technologies that make such great promises to transform capital markets. This section includes the topics, Digital Transformation, the Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Robotic Process Automation and AI.

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