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Growing Pains: The Post-Trade Challenge of Crypto
DTCC Connection | May 10

Securities Financing: Keep SFTR Challenges in Sharp Focus
Securities Lending Times | May 10

Crypto Assets: Creating Trust and Scale
DTCC Connection | May 9

BNY Mellon and AcadiaSoft Solve Last Piece of Collateral Puzzle
GlobalCustody.net | May 7

ASX Opens Testing for Post-Trade Blockchain System
The Trade | May 7

Swap Trade Report Matching Could Have Been Worse
PostTrade360 | May 6

Rise in Digital Asset Interest Set to Continue
Asset Servicing Times | May 6

Six Mindset Traits of Disruptive Digital Leaders
Gartner | May 3

FINRA: Email Oversight Needs Quantity and Quality
FinOps Report | May 3

DTCC CEO: Transforming Infrastructure in a Digital World
DTCC Connection | May 2

Bakkt Acquires Crypto Custodian, Partners with BNY Mellon
CoinDesk | Apr 30

Asset Managers Struggling with MiFID II RTS 28
Asset Servicing Times | Apr 30

In Five Years, 90% of Funding Will Be Done by Machines
Securities Finance Monitor | Apr 29

French Securities Regulator Grants CSDR Approval to Euroclear
Global Custodian | Apr 29

Four Trends to Watch in Regulatory AI
Finextra | Apr 26

State Street Sees Drop in Asset Servicing Revenue
Asset Servicing Times | Apr 25

Crypto Nation Switzerland Moves Ahead with Legislation for Blockchain-related Financial Products
Meyerlustenberger Lachenal | Apr 24

The CIO’s Guide to Quantum Computing
Gartner | Apr 23

MiFID II Transaction Reporting Requirements Posing Big Problem for Investment Firms
RegTech Insight | Apr 23

SEC to Transfer Agents: Clean Up Your Operations
FinOps Report | Apr 23

Fidelity Immune from Improper Stock Lending Lawsuit
Securities Lending Times | Apr 23

The BIS-BCBS-FSB View of Crypto
GARP | Apr 22

Wall Street Firms are being Taken Over by 22-Year-Olds
The Compliance Exchange | Apr 22

FDIC, Wipro, and What Institutions Must Do to Manage Third-Party Risk
Celent | Apr 22

The Benefits of Compliance – Cost Reduction, Collaboration and Best Practice
DTCC | Apr 22

DTCC will Officially Use Blockchain to Record Derivatives Information
Forbes | Apr 19

Trade in UK Stocks Could be Pulled into EU
PostTrade360 | Apr 18

Canadian Banks in the Global Prime Brokerage Business
Securities Finance Monitor | Apr 18

Data Governance a Top 2019 Priority
A-Team Insight | Apr 17

The Future for Blockchain is Bright and It’s Integrated

Hedge Funds: Proactive Operational Risk, Finally
FinOps Report

Dodd-Frank Act: CFTC Swap Reporting Back in the Spotlight
RegTek Solutions

We Aren’t Prepared for the Next Wave of Cybersecurity Risks
The Hill

ICMA to Minimize Europe Repo Disruption
Securities Lending Times

Asset Managers Seek Data ‘Quick Wins’

Robots Could Wipe Out 1.3 Million Jobs on Wall Street in Next 10 Years

US AML Enforcement Returned in 2018

Asia-Pacific: Market Infrastructure Opting for Radical New Tech for Post-Trade Systems
Global Custodian

The Tokenization Effect: Jointer and Scalability

The Future of Operational Risk Management

$160 Billion in Initial Margin at Year End 2018
Securities Finance Monitor

SEC Chief: Economic Analysis of Reg BI will Be Robust

Digital Asset Custodian to Launch Platform Supporting Cryptocurrencies and Tokens
The Trade

Swaps Margin: The Final Sweep of Document and Ops Morass
FinOps Report

Deutsche Bank Goes Live with CSDClear
Asset Servicing Times

Central Counterparties and the Risk of Concentration

Will the Nasdaq Default Spur CVA for CCPs?

Importance of Securities Lending Activity to Accelerate
Securities Lending Times

Fraction of Buyside Firms Ready for Uncleared Margin Rules
Global Custodian

Settlement Optimization Update: Night Cycle Reengineering

SEC’s New Rule 606: Execution Transparency at a Cost
FinOps Report

Agility a Must in Negotiating the Way Ahead

InvestOps USA 2019 Key Takeaways

Securities Lending Programs should Compliment ESG Policy
Securities Lending Times

Treasury Managers Avoiding Blockchain ‘Like the Plague’

MiFID Cost Disclosure Deadline Represents a ‘Start Reality’
Asset Servicing Times

Quantum Computing and the Coming Threat to Data Security

Compliance Officers Wary of Switch to ‘Wild West’ Crypto Sector

Leaders in Custody Awards Announced
Global Custodian

Securities Lending Sees Growing Emphasis on Data Collection
Securities Lending Times

The Drama of FX Swaps Reporting

BNY Mellon: Asset Servicing Faces Pricing Pressure
Asset Servicing Times

Major Dealers Back DTCC-Euroclear Collateral Management Project
The Trade

Asset Management Professionals: Evolve or Be Replaced

SmartStream Partners with Cassini Systems as Uncleared Initial Margin Obligations Loom
Global Custodian

US House Panel Debates Beneficial Ownership Proposals

Blockchain, Bitcoin and the Intrinsic Value of Tokens

Better to Have No Rule at All, Reg BI Critics Say
On Wall Street

Why Are FinTechs Getting a Regulatory Pass?
American Banker

Critics Scrutinize Plans for Revised Volcker Rule
Compliance Week

System Consolidation and Operational Problems

SFTR: What Asian Financial Firms Need to Know
Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation

Spanish Bourse, CSD Using Blockchain to Eliminate Physical Certificates for Collateral Pledges

FinTechs to Enable Swiss Securities Issuance, Custody and Liquidity Via Blockchain
Post Trade 360

What does the Brexit Vote Mean for Banking and FinTech?
The Finanser

Commerzbank, Deutsche Börse Execute Legally Binding Repo Transaction on the Blockchain

Germany to Recognize Blockchain-Based Securities
Post Trade 360

MiFID II Reporting: Where Are We Today?